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Social capital: the new value

Invest in your mind!

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One on one consultations with individuals and businesses who want to find ways to tackle sustainability through mind-based practices for win-win outcomes

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Group work

Group work for businesses and organisations looking to transform their workplaces. Resilience and communication skills, philosophy as a practical means of dealing with conflict and upheaval.

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Webinars and online courses and classes

Regular webinars, online courses, writing to make philosophy accessible, accessible yoga classes.

Lucy dedicated her time, passion, sharing her knowledge and wisdom to the course and each week I learned so much in class. 

We have such a lovely mixed class with yoga Asanas and yoga Nidra practices, learning and discussing how yoga philosophy relates to our daily life and how we can improve our behavior with ecological emergencies. 

It is not easy to have an online class, but with Lucy, you will forget it is an online class as she has the ability to hold all of us together. With her broad range of knowledge and charming personality combined together, each class seems to be finished far too soon.

Lucy arranges study notes before the class and recordings after class during the week. There is a perfect balance between coaching and support from Lucy. 

I have joined her second EConneced and third EConneced courses which I got a huge benefit from.  I highly recommend it to everyone if you are interested in yoga. It doesn’t matter what your level of yoga foundation is. I guarantee you that you will be enjoying the comprehensive, novelty class that Lucy offers. 

  • Bamboo Tang, Owner and Founder, Bamboo Friends, Ireland.

Lucy is balance, presence and intellect in action. She is an amazing teacher and I am so grateful and feel blessed to have her as my teacher. A true Bhagavata.

Ann, Mayo