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A big thank you, Darryl!

Darryl, who I met on Mastodon through Beebsy McA (“daughter of a weaver”, so I introduced myself as “daughter of a potter” – these things connect us!) has revamped my website and I’m so extremely grateful. I planted a tree for Darryl ( but I would love to make a serious gesture of thanks. Ideas in the comments form, please. There are such good people in the world. Never forget that. Kindness matters.

Retreat in Lanzarote in April – last chance to avail of these rates

Yoga and Philosophy Glorious Holiday Retreat This beautiful retreat is just waiting for you. I spent ages negotiating, researching, and getting you the best deals on this fantastic retreat which includes a killer combination of morning yoga classes, evening meditation and philosophy taught through the medium of deep relaxation in yoga nidra, fantastic food, amazing and top class H10 Timanfaya hotel, and so many extras. Touch down in the airport and we’ll take care of everything for the week from there. The prices are as cheap as you’ll get for such a luxurious retreat and that’s deliberate. I want to make a living but I don’t want to promote greed. Take advantage of this if you can and have the sense to. That’s all I can say. But please be quick! Time is running by!

It’s easy … all you need is ….

Yoga Teacher Training and my new Online Course …

I’m teaching with Sophie of Surya Wellness on their next 200hr Vinyasa Yoga training starting on 4th February. They have a free live online taster session this Saturday 28th January from 12pm to 5pm if you would like to join.

You can join one or both sessions 12pm to 2pm or 3pm to 5pm. Simply contact Sophie at and she will send you the zoom link. Feel free to also share this email with family & friends. They have a refer a friend program where you get a discount if you get others to join one of the courses. This is a Yoga Alliance certified training. Let me know if you have any questions. Namaste 🧘‍♀️💕

(I just wanted to add that training teaches you to: 
Dedicate a clear parcel of time, space and focus to yourself, your learning and your practice.
Expand your knowledge and develop a wise approach.
Develop strong foundations for your yoga and meditation practice.
Begin to clarify your true dharma nature.
Empower yourself through understanding the spiritual battle and how to win it.
Sequence, assist, set boundaries and deal with challenges in yoga class.
Commit to a daily practice of yoga asana, pranayama and effortless rest in meditation through yoga nidra. 
Learn how to teach through learning how to connect and listen to each unique student.
Learn about safety in your yoga class.
Connect the teachings with your own existing experience, knowledge and expertise – empower yourself to empower others. 
Learn about functional anatomy, ayurveda, yogic sleep, lucid dreaming, and many other key yoga concepts.
Feel clear and focused, so you can truly express your life’s purpose
Discover your dharma
Light up life

My new online course

Finding your way: yoga and philosophy for the ecological emergency

My vision:  as a non-dualist follower of Dogen Zenji’s practice realisation, I see the huge mental health potential of understanding our experience from the inside out. This might sound strange, given that my focus is the ecological emergency in all its many manifestations of fragmentation, and collapse, whether personal, political or systems-wide in the more-than-human world. Yet it is through self-transformation that we transform everything we experience, including all our relationships.

Therefore I’m offering this ten week course starting on Sunday 12th March 7-8.15pm ending Sunday 28th May (no class on Easter Day, 9th April or on the 23rd April, full schedule including times for one-to-ones will be provided along with the course manual on booking). Each week you will have the option to chat about any aspect of the course, your practice, or anything else at all!! for 45m per week on Zoom. Max 10 students per course. The course outline is as follows:

1 About me, about you, Introduction to the Course 

2 The History of Ecological Awareness in Philosophy

3 The History of Yoga and Ecological Awareness

4 How does Our Work fit into this Tradition?

5 How is Our Work Unique and Different?

6 Summary: Differences and Similarities

7 Dualism vs Non-Dualism Explained

8 Dogen Zenji and Practice Realisation Explained

9 Bringing Practice Realisation and Yoga Together

10 Conclusion, Assignment Reviews, Certification, Ritual Closing

This course has the potential to benefit you in the following ways:

Reduce and relieve anxiety and stress

Develop effortless calm and awareness

Ease depression, anger, resentment, fear, see things from other points of view

Empower the self for the common good, particularly in response to the ecological emergency

Contribute to compassionate and effective communication

Enhance all aspects of health and wellbeing, improving resilience

Understand attitude-as-spirit, attune to compassion

Improve relationships, develop intimacy, openness, and vulnerability

Understand and act in accordance with systems theory

Enhance visualisation and creativity and enrich the meaning of your own existence

If you want to find out more about the course, please contact me (go to the bottom of the page). The course will start with a minimum of five sign-ups. It is YA certified as continuing professional development. The cost for the ten week course is €199 which is less than €20 per week for a live session and for a personal consultation. I really look forward to leading this cutting edge course based on 21 years of yoga teaching and my doctoral and post-doctoral research.  

In Other News …

I’m teaching Yoga Nidra with a reading from my book, “Yoga for Now” and I’ll keep doing that, on Insight Timer, (almost) every Tuesday, Thursday and usually Sunday (sometimes Saturday) evenings. I’m doing my best to make this regular so people can find and follow me. I really appreciate each of you who comes along to listen, and I would very much love you to listen and leave reviews to audios I have up there, and to undertake the course I have there too! I’m also teaching live on the beach in Playa Honda at sunrise every weekday morning (obviously this varies with the season but at the time of writing, sunrise is a little earlier than 7.45am and I’m down there at 7.30am – 8.30am, although this will get earlier over the next couple of months, so I’ll gradually move it towards 7-8am. You don’t need a mat. You need bare feet, maybe a towel to sit on for meditation at the end, to be prepared to slip a little and laugh at yourself, or at least be kind to yourself, and to be open to the amazing benefits of sunrise yoga. I also offer one to one sessions which are geared to your own personal requirements. I teach with the wonderful Braddock Tec in Tias. And I write on Medium. A lot. So check me out there. Thank you to you all for giving me support. I live under the protection of so many people, and I really am grateful for the kindness of friends and strangers. Thanks. Be kinder to yourselves. Be kinder to the more than human world.

And a freebie for you all …

I actually made this for my son, but since it’s short, and a lot of people find it hard to squeeze in a yoga practice, I thought I’d offer it to my students, my readers, or anyone else who needs it. You can probably squeeze it in after doing the washing up in the morning or evening, before you brush your teeth. Let me know if you do, and how you find it:

Yoga for Balance





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