Non dualism

Non dualism is an ancient way of understanding our experience. It is also a natural conclusion of systems theory.

It is the idea that there is no absolute margin between what is going on outside and what is going inside you and me. What you are looking at is what you are looking with.

This means that you can change what you see and how you interact by changing things like how you ask questions, or what you expect. This is useful especially if you take systems theory to its logical conclusion.

We do not have the kind of freedom we imagine we have. Instead, we are free to pay attention, and that opens up different possibilities. It allows us to notice how we interact with what is going on and this in turn allows us to change how we interact.

Noticing changes things. When we adopt an attitude of compassion, we attune to what love is doing through us. This is the best means of survival. It enriches our lives the most. It is both hard and easy. It is a practice that takes practice.

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