Know Yoga!

Know You!

We need to respond, not react.
To know yoga is to know that we are in the midst of a spiritual battle. Spirit is attitude. We are in a war of attitudes. We need to learn to sustain peace. 

Yoga is integrity. But integrity goes beyond how we act towards other humans. We need integrity in how we act towards other systems, rivers, oceans, the great earth. And we need integrity in how we act towards ourselves: forgiveness and kindness are not weak. We get strong by learning to love what is good for us. To connect.

My offerings

I run classes and courses in practical philosophy and yoga. My writing includes fiction and non fiction. I offer eco consultations for groups and individuals, companies and organisations. You can buy my book here.

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Philosophy as practice: four week course

Thursday evenings throughout September. 6.30pm-8pm via Zoom

In for the long haul: an in-depth look at systems theory, non-dualism and the practice of attuning to compassionate love


Twelve week course


Change the practice, practice the change. Yoga teacher since 2002, Lucy has a PhD in Philosophy and writes about compassionate attunement in the ecological emergency.

Do you have questions about how my approach might change your practice or about the courses I offer?

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