Don’t hesitate to connect! You can pay by clicking on the buttons below or fill in the contact form to send a message. Here you see my schedule of ongoing and upcoming courses and classes. You can book three week, five week or twelve week (immersive) ECOnnected courses. I am adding courses and workshops all the time so please check frequently and do suggest if you feel there is something you would like to see here. My focus is on quietening to attune to ‘pure consciousness’, moving to experience embodied philosophy, and the reflective awareness that emerges through

ECOnnect Patanjali
Twelve week teacher training immersion
Tues 6.30-8pm IST/GMT
Cost: € 249 per course
ECOnnect teacup yoga
Five week course
Wed 7-7.30am IST
Cost: €35 per course
ECOnnect evening stretch
Three week course
Thurs 7-8pm IST
Cost: €35 per course
12 April – 22 June 202119 May – 16 June 202113 May – 27 May 2021
7 Sept – 23 Nov 20217 July – 4 Aug 202110 June – 24 June 2021
Other courses to follow25 Aug – 22 Sept 20218 July – 22 July 2021
Other courses to follow5 Aug – 19 Aug 2021
9 Sept – 23 Sept 2021
Other courses to follow
ECOnnect and Heal
Weekend Workshops
for Resilience FREE
Morning and evening ECOnnect and Heal classes with Yoga Nidra FREE
May and June 2021 (dates to be announced)May and June 2021 (dates to be announced)

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