Latest Classes: Cork, Galway, Mayo in Ireland; Algarve in Portugal


If you want to know why Philosophy and Yoga are transformative techniques during this time of existential threat, you could do worse than come along to one of my classes, courses (online) or retreats.

What we have to attend to is the nature of our imaginative visions – the world-pictures, the stories, by  which we live and which we embody. Through practice-realisation, we can come to understand ourselves differently and find that we can then transform how we see our relationships, with ourselves, with others and with the more-than-human world. And that is the point of these retreats. 

June 24-26th I’ll be in Hotel Westport to facilitate a weekend of Philosophy and Yoga, inner enquiry and connection to place. Book here:

October 11-17th I’ll be in the Cascade Wellness Resort in the Algarve where we will explore Philosophy and Yoga more deeply, including investigating obstacles to practice and how to overcome them. I believe these retreats will really enhance your ability to work effectively on personal transformation, but also, perhaps more importantly, help us, as a species, to make the transition to living in ways that enhance rather than destroy the natural systems that our health, sense of wonder, and wisdom depend upon.

Book here:

I’m teaching in Christ Church in Fermoy from June 9th at 7.30-8.45pm for four Thursdays and if you’re interested in coming along to these classes, you can call me 0861286449 or book here:

And I’m currently in the process of organising an online course, and other retreats at The Happy Pig, Glenville Park, and possibly other venues in Ireland, so if you’re interested in those, book here: