Existential Mentoring: one-to-one

One-to-one hour-long sessions for a more in-depth understanding of the ecological emergency and philosophy as a practice in responding. 

Start Date: January 2022

Fee: €50 per session

What if we were intelligent? What if we could make a connection between you and me that would alter how we both interact, and that this could change how we experience not just ourselves and one another, but the more-than-human world? What if this could change everything?

In these sessions, we will connect the dots between everything that is going on within you as an individual, and within our species. We will explore your questions in the light of philosophical insights that will enable you to really integrate your understanding and your practice, both in meditation and yoga, but also in all other areas of your life. What if you had the power to change the trajectory of our species? Even if this change was individually miniscule, if it affected every aspect of your interactions, it would be cumulatively significant.

Humankind has gone mad en masse, through groupthink that smothers questions. We can and need to wake up, gently, one by one, however painfully slow that process may be. We are the emergency.


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