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“All conservation of wildness is self-defeating. For to cherish we must see and fondle and when enough have seen and fondled, there is no wildness left to cherish.” Aldo Leopold

I don’t know if it was Aldo Leopold’s words that first inspired this debate for me: what basis could there possibly be for getting people to curb their actions when those actions were motivated by the urge to see beautiful places, or experience unusual or extreme situations? An image of a line of footprints, then […]

Trying to explain

The above is the title of a book by Donald Davie. I’m using it here because I’ve been asked a few times recently to a) describe what it is I’m trying to do and b) describe how philosophy as a practice can offer something in our current predicament. With a bow to Collingwood, the key […]


Written September 2001 Aftermath: the word was repeated endlessly after September 11th. It means consequences – literally “following with” – from the old German “events after the mowing”. What will follow this grim harvest? A harvest (old Germanic again, “the feast of fall”) of what sowing? “As ye sow, so also shall ye reap”. But […]

What can you learn from me? A bit of my story

First, here’s a bit about my story. I’m of the same vintage as Jeff Bezos (I’m actually three years younger, so there’s time for me to catch up…), so let’s do a comparison with him. In his lifetime, as everyone knows, he’s made billions and he’s heading for space. What have I done in my […]

The morning’s walk

The morning’s walk unearths the sodden hare, stuck in a second’s frozen stillness before the swing of my huge whistle dislodges it and the collared dog’s just caught as a whiff triggers her all a-quiver in anticipation of the chance of a chase. Then three heifers, looking askance, dance towards us like curious girls at […]

What is emerging out of the emergency: an awareness of what we are

We already have the necessary intellectual tools and models to understand the array of problems that are associated with the ecological emergency, including how we perceive the problems, and the link between that, and responding. It is just that we do not yet see how to link the knowledge we have to this perception. In […]


Just submitted the manuscript for Urgent Matters: philosophy as practice in the ecological emergency. It’s been a year and more in the making and is far from the perfect offering that I’d hoped to be able to present to the world, but as my dad used to say, if a thing’s worth doing, it’s worth […]

Reviews of courses: One

Feb 2021 I recently attended an online course on ‘Becoming Present’ with Lucy. I was not sure what to expect but Lucy had been recommending to me by another yoga colleague. I was very pleasantly surprised with the course. Each class seemed to be one of those classes where you say to yourself the time […]