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The IPCC, the ecological emergency, and the local scene in North Cork: wising up is what we need to do now

Here are the choices. We can not believe that the climate will have any impact on north Cork, that the weather’s pretty unpredictable in any case, and that therefore there’s no point in doing anything. People who refuse to believe that climate change is happening fall into this camp. It’s easy to denigrate this approach […]

Real people, real attitudes

A pragmatic approach to our ecological emergency is to find out what people actually think and feel about the world they live in. Do people really feel disconnected from the trees and the weather, the water and the soil? In many cases, for instance if you move through a shopping mall or an airport, a […]

IPCC report, Al Gore’s educational courses, and my own take on what we can do

My philosophy is based on the traditions of scientific empiricism blended with East Asian traditions of thought, including yoga and Zen, in the context of the ecological emergency. What we see, what is emerging into our consciousness, is the fragmentation and collapse of systems on whose integrity our survival depends. We are systems within systems. […]

A piece just published with Tripe and Drisheen and a deep bow to Jack O’S.

Tripe and Drisheen are a fantastic team of two journalists working from Cork to inform and entertain with some excellent investigative and descriptive writing. They have kindly published a piece by me on The Blackwater in northeast Cork, where I live, and the impact of various pressures, as well as my vision for the river […]

Tackling ethics in an ecological emergence(y): the importance of vigil(ance)

Emergence and emergency don’t just sound the same. They encompass a parallel set of initiatives, the urgent and the critical, the calling for attention, the insistence of vigilance in what is arising into awareness. In thinking about the ecological emergency, which includes climate change and biodiversity loss and all the associated suffering, but also the […]

Island Clearances

Looking west, over the brave waves, he took his voice, and stretched Out a song in a language as close as possible To the sea, to mingle with the shingle Being shunted up along the beach, to explore round stones, bleached bones, seaweed, fishbreed, egg of flesh and fowl, Flotsam and jetsam scattered off ships, […]

It’s definitely a philosophy, but it’s also a practice

I will, eventually, begin to categorise these posts, although it’s hard to do so with any real accuracy since the boundaries between philosophy, yoga, and my personal musings are not at all obvious to me very much of the time. This piece is adapted from an outline of the first chapter of my thesis, however, […]