Respect, King Canute! Reflecting on time and tide

We all suffer from a nagging sense of fear, or anxiety, or dissatisfaction, or loneliness, at some point. To recognise that this is in some sense an illusion brought about by the patterns that contain and occupy us like fractals which then bloom into other possibilities related to the last is not to relegate everything […]

Urgent Matters – hasten slowly

URGENT MATTERS: Hasten Slowly I finally had a conversation with the acquisitions editor in Palgrave about delays with publishing my second book (I’m a contributor and editor. It’s a joint publication). Today, or over the weekend, I’ll go through the final edits, I hope. It would be wonderful if this could be published soon. It’s […]

Retreat to reflect – and a mission statement!

I get a lot of email invitations to meetings, usually in some respect associated with lobbying for changes in legislation so the ecological emergency gets more prominence. I sometimes don’t know what the organisations are or what their mission statement is. So I decided I’d better think about my own mission statement. What is it […]

To book retreats, please email!

I’m having some technical issues with this site. Largely because it’s become too complicated. I’m working to scale back. You live, you learn. If you want to book a retreat with me, either on the 14th November 2021 in North West Mayo (UISCE, Elly Bay) – a Sunday – or on the 20th November – […]

Retreats, courses, writing about bad apples – and my latest trick!

Well, here we are again. I’m organising two retreats, one in West Cork, and one in North-West Mayo. The poster for the Mayo one is below. The poster for the West Cork one is in the making (it will be the following Saturday, 20th November). I’m also creating content for a course that I’ll offer […]

Satya means The Truth, but it’s worth asking: What is Real? 

“The scientific truth is that we are contextualised, and inseparable from context. Therefore seeing problems as being “outside” us assumes that a technological approach will and can fix them. It can not.” (edited from Love is Green: compassion as responsibility in the ecological emergency, 2019, Vernon Press)  This truth is that we are interconnected, and […]

An extract from my third book on Yoga and the Ecological Emergency

Ahimsa  We are going to focus in this chapter on the first of the Yamas as the key attitude to open the doors of enlightenment. As I said in chapter one, Yama means death, since Yama was a god of death in Indian mythology. Death is the ultimate restraint, but also the ultimate liberator. We […]

Black swans, white geese

Being the odd one out, the unexpected one, is always hard. It was hard for my father, who reviled tourism as an industry that would help the economy in the Highlands of Scotland. He tried hard to work with landlords on understanding how better to allow natural systems to regenerate. In doing this, he was […]