We can’t change the world. We have to change ourselves

“It seems to me that the real problem is the mind itself, and not the problem which the mind has created and tries to solve. If the mind is petty, small, narrow, limited, however great and complex the problem may be, the mind approaches that problem in terms of its own pettiness.”? — Jiddu Krishnamurti? A couple […]

Yoga, philosophy, and circulation

I didn’t know I was going to write about philosophy and circulation but a couple of things have happened over the past few weeks and months (maybe years…) and like the proverbial iceberg, there’s probably more going on beneath the surface than I’ve acknowledged. Time for a wake up call. I’m in the throes of […]

Ireland’s problem is that it needs its forests back

I published this on Medium and I’m copying it here… I’m writing this in response to Nick MacIneskar’s piece on what we can do to save trees. I’m an ecological philosopher and I’ve had run-ins with Coillte, the state body that manages seven percent of Ireland’s land, around water quality issues, but water quality and […]

Ukraine and Peace

(this was published on Medium, where I publish most of my thoughts – and until I work out how to link the two, this is how I’m going to do it!) There are three ‘topics’ on Medium that relate to Ukraine and peace. There are six that relate to Ukraine and war. Far more of […]

Water myth!?

Myth One: Don’t drink the water if you’re in The Canaries! Not drinking tap water in The Canaries causes an enormous amount of plastic pollution. Quite apart from the plastic, most is shipped here from Spain, which means it has an enormous carbon footprint. It’s also much more expensive than drinking tap water. It may […]

What we need now – and I mean right now!

We need businesses, communities and individuals to be driven to change Our overall objective needs to be to build in a requirement for businesses to change how they operate. How is this going to happen? Education. Building know-how. How to shorten supply chains. How to put pressure on other businesses to provide products that have […]