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Yoga & Philosophy in the Ecological Emergency

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Principle activities: The mission statement of Know Yoga Ireland is to disseminate knowledge of yoga in Ireland and beyond from an advaita (non-dualist) perspective, based on the research and direct experience of its founder and coordinator, Dr Lucy Weir, in order to support resilience, create networks and communicate compassionately, and protect diversity and cooperation in communities in response to the ecological emergency.

Primarily, these aims are achieved through the provision of courses and classes, and also through retreats and individual existential mentoring, while writing and research form an additional backdrop to this project.

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  • I write fiction and short philosophy pieces on Medium
  • I teach retreats which you can book via Eventbrite
  • I have lots of free meditations and talks and one payable course on Insight Timer
  • I offer free videos of classes and talks on Youtube
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Compassionate communication, making connections, and developing resilience.

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