Month: June 2022

Retreats, Classes, Books, Heritage Week, and The Burren Retreat Centre

I do hope you will feel free to contact me to discuss any of the offerings mentioned above. The world keeps turning and as the editorial in the local newspaper (The admirable Avondhu) said this week, it’s important we note not just the woes of the world, but the bright beauty in the flowers (particularly the wildflowers, folks! Look at the loveliness of buttercups and daisies too!). We will not change anything much with resentment, blame or hostility. But kindness is as cyclical, inevitable and enduring in our psyches as spirals of the galaxies or as existence itself.

Philosophy and Yoga Holiday Retreats – Algarve

Let’s talk about what I’m offering here. What is the point in offering a Philosophy and Yoga Holiday Retreat when the world is burning? This will be the second retreat Robert and I have offered in the Algarve. At the risk of blowing my own trumpet, here are some things people said: “wonderfully arranged”, “gifted […]