Retreat to reflect – and a mission statement!

I get a lot of email invitations to meetings, usually in some respect associated with lobbying for changes in legislation so the ecological emergency gets more prominence. I sometimes don’t know what the organisations are or what their mission statement is. So I decided I’d better think about my own mission statement. What is it I’m attempting to do here?

Mission statement: to educate, connect with and motivate people to take effective action in the ecological emergency. I do this through clarifying the practice of philosophy, and showing how revising how we think about free will, understanding ‘the good’ of systems, and attuning to compassion, all dovetail to empower us to respond, rather than react. We become more resilient, more effective, and more powerful through realising our part in raising awareness, networking, and making change happen.

Now I have FOUR possible retreats. Please let me know if you want to join one! I’m going to visit the beautiful Glenville Park on Thursday to have coffee with Silvia and talk about the possibility of hosting a retreat there. This is a fantastic place with a wonderful atmosphere. If you want to feel as though you have stepped out of your life into another world, please watch this space!

In Mayo, UISCE has offered me its beautiful space to host a retreat on Saturday the 14th November 10.30-3.30, and the following weekend, I’m hosting in Myross Woods House, Co Cork, near Leap.

The final place I hope to host this year is in Gort, Co. Galway – but I had better not say anything about that just yet, because I still have some calls to make!

Please come. You support me. You support yourself. You’ll go away feeling as though you have a mission to undertake too, but with all the tools that make you strong enough to tackle the enormity of what we all must face. Namaste!

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