To book retreats, please email!

I’m having some technical issues with this site. Largely because it’s become too complicated. I’m working to scale back. You live, you learn.

If you want to book a retreat with me, either on the 14th November 2021 in North West Mayo (UISCE, Elly Bay) – a Sunday – or on the 20th November – a Saturday – in Myross Woods House, Leap, West Cork, then the easiest way is to email me. You can pay me via Paypal using my email address – but write first, please! Just a line so I know who you are and have a contact number and name. If you really can’t afford 45 euro and you really want to come, email me and we’ll see what we can do. I need to cover my costs for the venue, the lunch, and transport. I also want to make a living out of this. But I’m not looking to make a fortune, and I’m certainly not looking to exploit anyone, so please let’s chat. My email is You can also write to me at

If you are interested in the courses I’m planning online, email me. I will add you to a list of people and get something off the ground early December. It’s a 28 day course and it’s based on a book I’m writing. I’m also creating a 28 day course for Insight Timer. I teach on Insight Timer regularly and I’ll put up a schedule here so you can find me more easily if you’re interested in attending live offerings there.

As I say, this is how I want to make a living. I think I’ve got something useful to offer people who are anxious, angry or sad about the ecological emergency, or even people who want to know more about what this inside-out approach might feel like. But I also want to work and stay connected in the physical world. So I want to find a way to have access (I don’t need to own it) some land, preferably in Ireland, to rewild. I’m not in a position to live on it full time at the moment – I have personal commitments which I want and need to honour. But if this was a group effort, I’d be happy to be involved with others who want to live in a reciprocal relationship with one another and the more-than-human world. Let me know what you think.

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