Month: October 2021

Retreat to reflect – and a mission statement!

I get a lot of email invitations to meetings, usually in some respect associated with lobbying for changes in legislation so the ecological emergency gets more prominence. I sometimes don’t know what the organisations are or what their mission statement is. So I decided I’d better think about my own mission statement. What is it […]

To book retreats, please email!

I’m having some technical issues with this site. Largely because it’s become too complicated. I’m working to scale back. You live, you learn. If you want to book a retreat with me, either on the 14th November 2021 in North West Mayo (UISCE, Elly Bay) – a Sunday – or on the 20th November – […]

Retreats, courses, writing about bad apples – and my latest trick!

Well, here we are again. I’m organising two retreats, one in West Cork, and one in North-West Mayo. The poster for the Mayo one is below. The poster for the West Cork one is in the making (it will be the following Saturday, 20th November). I’m also creating content for a course that I’ll offer […]