A piece just published with Tripe and Drisheen and a deep bow to Jack O’S.

Tripe and Drisheen are a fantastic team of two journalists working from Cork to inform and entertain with some excellent investigative and descriptive writing. They have kindly published a piece by me on The Blackwater in northeast Cork, where I live, and the impact of various pressures, as well as my vision for the river and the region in 2040. Please have a read! https://tripeanddrisheen.substack.com/p/cork-2040-seeing-through-to-a-clear

Also, I’d just like to acknowledge the generosity of Jack O’S, who has sent me a donation to support my work as a philosopher and writer researching and attempting to practice a non-dual response to the ecological emergency. Thank you so much, Jack, for your kindness.

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