Month: August 2021

Yoga does NOT imply 5G conspiracy theories or anti-vax

An interesting article in today’s Sunday Times has prompted me to respond. I’ve heard a lot of yoga teachers jittering with fear around Covid, 5G and conspiracy theories. First, I was patient with them: fears need ears and love to reassure them. I don’t judge. It’s easy to dismiss someone who says they think […]

I teach corporate clients too

I can target corporate clients by shifting how I offer my work so that there’s a growing awareness through the meditations I offer of possibilities to do good through corporate work. You are not the enemy. There is no them and us. There is only enmeshment and the potential for all of us to live […]

Real people, real attitudes

A pragmatic approach to our ecological emergency is to find out what people actually think and feel about the world they live in. Do people really feel disconnected from the trees and the weather, the water and the soil? In many cases, for instance if you move through a shopping mall or an airport, a […]

IPCC report, Al Gore’s educational courses, and my own take on what we can do

My philosophy is based on the traditions of scientific empiricism blended with East Asian traditions of thought, including yoga and Zen, in the context of the ecological emergency. What we see, what is emerging into our consciousness, is the fragmentation and collapse of systems on whose integrity our survival depends. We are systems within systems. […]

A piece just published with Tripe and Drisheen and a deep bow to Jack O’S.

Tripe and Drisheen are a fantastic team of two journalists working from Cork to inform and entertain with some excellent investigative and descriptive writing. They have kindly published a piece by me on The Blackwater in northeast Cork, where I live, and the impact of various pressures, as well as my vision for the river […]

I’ve just had this published Dr Andreas Matthias has just published this for me on Daily Philosophy. Please have a read, comment and interact! More coming on Tripe and Drisheen on Sunday.