Month: July 2021

Tackling ethics in an ecological emergence(y): the importance of vigil(ance)

Emergence and emergency don’t just sound the same. They encompass a parallel set of initiatives, the urgent and the critical, the calling for attention, the insistence of vigilance in what is arising into awareness. In thinking about the ecological emergency, which includes climate change and biodiversity loss and all the associated suffering, but also the […]

Island Clearances

Looking west, over the brave waves, he took his voice, and stretched Out a song in a language as close as possible To the sea, to mingle with the shingle Being shunted up along the beach, to explore round stones, bleached bones, seaweed, fishbreed, egg of flesh and fowl, Flotsam and jetsam scattered off ships, […]

Covid – fact checking the fact checkers

Someone sent me this video today. They asked me about my thoughts on this. I’m interested in bodily integrity and rights erosions in the interests of ‘the common good’ so this is a philosophical issue. But obviously this is also a hugely emotive and controversial issue. I’ve gone through the video and the Fact […]

It’s definitely a philosophy, but it’s also a practice

I will, eventually, begin to categorise these posts, although it’s hard to do so with any real accuracy since the boundaries between philosophy, yoga, and my personal musings are not at all obvious to me very much of the time. This piece is adapted from an outline of the first chapter of my thesis, however, […]

“All conservation of wildness is self-defeating. For to cherish we must see and fondle and when enough have seen and fondled, there is no wildness left to cherish.” Aldo Leopold

I don’t know if it was Aldo Leopold’s words that first inspired this debate for me: what basis could there possibly be for getting people to curb their actions when those actions were motivated by the urge to see beautiful places, or experience unusual or extreme situations? An image of a line of footprints, then […]