What is emerging out of the emergency: an awareness of what we are

We already have the necessary intellectual tools and models to understand the array of problems that are associated with the ecological emergency, including how we perceive the problems, and the link between that, and responding.

It is just that we do not yet see how to link the knowledge we have to this perception.

In other words, we know that the best theories we have point to a review of how we understand our relationship to all systems, and we know what the practical steps are to implement those reviews, but haven’t yet processed, or incorporated that knowledge in how we actually envisage, talk about, or consider the problems.

This, then, is what is emerging out of the emergency: an awareness that we need to talk about the issues, not even necessarily as problems, but as ways of reorienting our understanding of ourselves, of how we speak to one another, and of course of how we walk, think, breathe and feel ourselves as a part of, and not apart from, self, other and the more-than-human world.

Published by KnowYogaIreland

Yoga and philosophy. Non-dualism. I teach a practice that will enable you to change your attitude, through reflection, and that, in turn, will enable you to change how you practice. Your practice is not just how you behave on your yoga mat, so this applies to how you practice everything, from saying hello, to washing your hands, to the way you behave towards other people, animals, systems, and yourself. As you change, the world changes in return, letting love do what needs to be done.

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