Reviews of courses: One

Feb 2021

I recently attended an online course on ‘Becoming Present’ with Lucy. I was not sure what to expect but Lucy had been recommending to me by another yoga colleague. I was very pleasantly surprised with the course. Each class seemed to be one of those classes where you say to yourself the time couldn’t be up already’! The whole structure of each class was at a very calm and relaxed rate which obviously helped with the illusion that time was standing still. The emphasis on breathing and the Banda’s was particularly good, and it was the first time in over my 4.5 years of yoga that such attention was paid to both. The other point worth mentioning was that even though it was all very relaxed in each class, we actually did get a good strong almost Vinyasa like a workout. In summary, the course was excellent and I have already agreed to join her next upcoming course. I am delighted to have found Lucy as a teacher.

Bill, Sligo

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