The Universe

The Universe sets my pace for me. I need not resist.

It stops me so I rest when stillness is needed, it separates me from company when I need time alone, it brings me into challenges when I am strong enough to meet them. 

It opens my eyes to the extraordinary beauty of being

And I am replenished again and again, which allows me to develop patience and perseverance. 

It nudges me towards effectiveness and to take full responsibility, and opens me to what is happening so that I can respond appropriately to each moment, calmly, knowing that each act is a drop in an ocean entirely composed of drops.

It shows me peace, but it also shows me that all is falling towards change, and I must be prepared to keep rebalancing in a universe whose constant is impermanence. 

It reminds me that even though I am wholly aware of the mountains I burn to climb, the books I itch to write, I will achieve these things only through release of desire. For the universe is breathing me in and out.

It is beyond time, and space, and it reminds me of my true scale, which is miniscule, and temporary, but also a direct reflection of the universe that engages with me, as a dew drop reflects the sun. 

The universe anoints me with darkness, blesses me with light, I overflow with gratitude, appreciation and compassion. It teaches me honesty, creativity and generosity all the days of my life and I move in the universe forever, as the universe moves in me, in the gift of my life, in the inexplicable mystery of existence, and with the humility that wisdom brings. 

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