Month: May 2021

The morning’s walk

The morning’s walk unearths the sodden hare, stuck in a second’s frozen stillness before the swing of my huge whistle dislodges it and the collared dog’s just caught as a whiff triggers her all a-quiver in anticipation of the chance of a chase. Then three heifers, looking askance, dance towards us like curious girls at […]

What is emerging out of the emergency: an awareness of what we are

We already have the necessary intellectual tools and models to understand the array of problems that are associated with the ecological emergency, including how we perceive the problems, and the link between that, and responding. It is just that we do not yet see how to link the knowledge we have to this perception. In […]


Just submitted the manuscript for Urgent Matters: philosophy as practice in the ecological emergency. It’s been a year and more in the making and is far from the perfect offering that I’d hoped to be able to present to the world, but as my dad used to say, if a thing’s worth doing, it’s worth […]

Reviews of courses: One

Feb 2021 I recently attended an online course on ‘Becoming Present’ with Lucy. I was not sure what to expect but Lucy had been recommending to me by another yoga colleague. I was very pleasantly surprised with the course. Each class seemed to be one of those classes where you say to yourself the time […]

Let there be Light!

Deep Bows and thanks to @YA and @YAP First, @YogaAllianceProfessionals recognised me as an experienced teacher three years ago. Now I’ve finally been recognised as an experienced teacher by @YogaAlliance. I have been teaching yoga for over 20 years and I have a PhD in Philosophy. But I have really struggled with believing in myself […]

How my attitude changed

It took a long time to admit that I had been abused. It created shame and guilt, and there were a lot of issues around trust. I was also (still am sometimes) extremely angry. I felt there was no safe way to vent the rage at being let down, at being disconnected, unable to speak, […]


by ACHARYA SHANTIDEVA, Translated into English by Stephen Batchelor LIBRARY OF TIBETAN WORKS & ARCHIVES DHARAMSALA 1979 The Benefit of the Awakening Mind There is nothing here that has not been explained before And I have no skill in the art of rhetoric; Therefore, lacking any intention to benefit others, I write this in order […]

Both/ and is better than either/or

The tyranny of either/or is that we only survive on our own. The promise of both/and is that the world is imperfect but we’re all in this together. H Holden Thorp, Editor in Chief, Science Journals

The Universe

The Universe sets my pace for me. I need not resist. It stops me so I rest when stillness is needed, it separates me from company when I need time alone, it brings me into challenges when I am strong enough to meet them.  It opens my eyes to the extraordinary beauty of being And […]