Attitude is spirit

Yoga focuses on how to live, as does my post-doctoral research. The key is compassionate attunement. All change begins with attitude, and all attitude begins with attitude to the self. Dan Dennett, a brilliant philosopher and a fearless defendant of humane atheism, contends that we atheists must reclaim the notion of spirit as it’s understood in the phrase “that’s the spirit!” The spirit is the manner, then, or more accurately, the attitude with which we approach our experiences. If “that’s the spirit!” means anything, then it is that there is a certain attitude which allows us to approach what is happening which benefits. That attitude is compassion, kindness, and love. There is nothing weak about approaching even the most challenging situation with love. In fact, to do so is to open to the possibility that the challenge is just that: a demand to put all our effort into openness to resolution, to the possibility for a successful outcome. Namaste! Oh, and Happy Birthday to my shining son.

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