How to sea


We call this something – a heart shape, or a piece of seaweed – but even the words are just an idea. Becoming silent, we have the capacity to see this just what it is. An emergent culimation of relationships dynamically moved through the dimensions. We tend to see the boundaries, the edges of things, and we are, of course, hardwired to differentiate. But differentiation is a useful perceptual tool. What is really happening is worth considering too because it shows how interwoven the observer is. We are not apart from it, we and it are different points in this shifting moment. This moment is not even a single point but moves like a saddleback between that, and that.

Why is this important? Because we’re utterly dependent upon how we see for how we respond. Where we see ourselves as boundaried, and see those boundaries as under threat, we react to protect just ourselves. However, when we see how our relationships hold us as emergent elements within a matrix, then our responses can become meaningful on a much more dynamic and subtle level.

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