Yoga Philosophy Course Outline Sept – Nov 2021

Each lesson includes meditation, reflection on premises, including your own philosophy and values (yamas and niyamas), asana practice, pranayama practice, meditation and yoga nidra, including the clear use of sankalpa
Each lesson lasts 1.5 hours. There will be twelve sessions, including an introduction, and presentation sessions during which students will demonstrate their understanding, and a final session for feedback and discussion.

Lesson One
Overview of Yoga through the ages, from the Indus Valley civilization in Sind, Pasupati Seal, to Yogis in Modern Times.
Lesson Two
Yoga in Traditional Hinduism
The Six Schools
The Upanishads within the Vedas
Lesson Three
The Upanishads and the Shastras
Lesson Four
The Bhagavad Gita
Lesson Five
The Sutras of Patanjali and of Yajnavalkya: dualism and non-dualism in Yoga
Lesson Six
Natha Yoga to the Hatha Yoga Pradipika: the controversies in understanding Yoga from the perspectives of colonialism and theosophy
Lesson Seven
Hatha and Raja Yoga explored: The Autobiography of a Yogi, Vivekenanda, Emerson and Thoreau
Lesson Eight
The Yoga Body in the Modern Era, including a reflection on lucid dreaming and yoga nidra
Lesson Nine
Yoga and the ecological emergency: dualism and non-dualism revisited, yoga as skill in action, non-violent communication, and the creation of communities for resilience.

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