ECOnnect Patanjali! Week Four assignment reminder due in two weeks …

This is a mathematical arrangement by Roger Penrose

Please reflect on the Yamas, and your understanding of this course so far: create a piece of work in response. This could be a painting or a poem, it could be a short asana practice or meditation (recorded). It will reflect how you are incorporating your understanding of what you are learning here into your daily life or professional or academic work. This need only be a five minute recording, although if you want it to be longer, up to half an hour would be good. If you create a written piece, between 500 and no more than 3000 words would be good. I look forward to you being as creative as you like with this. Please recall that this is not intended to put you under pressure. Allow this to be a part of your practice-realisation and good luck!

Published by KnowYogaIreland

Yoga and philosophy. Non-dualism. I teach a practice that will enable you to change your attitude, through reflection, and that, in turn, will enable you to change how you practice. Your practice is not just how you behave on your yoga mat, so this applies to how you practice everything, from saying hello, to washing your hands, to the way you behave towards other people, animals, systems, and yourself. As you change, the world changes in return, letting love do what needs to be done.

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