ECOnnected Yoga: what is it?

This is a mathematical arrangement by Roger Penrose

What I offer is a way of seeing and being

Newly qualified Yoga teachers graduating from Hot Yoga Studio Dundrum’s YTT course in Claremorris, Co Mayo, 2019. I teach the Philosophy module.

My courses offer a deeper insight into the connections between self, other and the more-than-human world. During the courses we consider free will, practice realisation and the attitude that emerges as a result of an attunement to cooperation, and compassion. Thus we practice Yoga not just on the mat but as The Way, in the Daoist sense, of doing and being what love does and is. This way, this practice, becomes the way in which we respond not just to our own healing and re-intergration as functioning, cooperating systems within a dance of functioning, cooperating systems, but is also the way we respond to others. Thus our relationships, internal and external, become lessons in cooperative practice. And this extends to the more-than human world and thus allows us to respond to the ecological emergency, which is clamouring for our urgent and critical attention.

In these posts and on these pages, you can find out about my book, Love is Green: compassion as responsibility in the ecological emergency (Vernon Press in which I set out the philosophical basis for this approach to yoga, and indeed to living.

I also offer a course on Udemy, which is more philosophical, and which I have called No Nonsense Non-Dualism

I teach the Philosophy module on http://www.hotyogastudios

I’ve written various contributions to philosophical and other books, journals, magazines and other blogs over the years and I’ll bring these in under Writing so those of you who are interested can see how my thinking has evolved over the years.

Published by KnowYogaIreland

Yoga and philosophy. Non-dualism. I teach a practice that will enable you to change your attitude, through reflection, and that, in turn, will enable you to change how you practice. Your practice is not just how you behave on your yoga mat, so this applies to how you practice everything, from saying hello, to washing your hands, to the way you behave towards other people, animals, systems, and yourself. As you change, the world changes in return, letting love do what needs to be done.

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