A review of The Common Good

What is The Common Good? Among other things, it’s a book by Jonas Mortensen which gives an overview of the philosophy of Personalism. I wrote a review of the book which you can find here:


In the review I argue, as I have done countless times elsewhere, that we need to accept that we are neither on the road to Utopia (as Stephen Pinker might be said to argue) nor are we on the road to Hell (as the doomsters are wont to argue). Here are two paragraphs from the piece. Please feel free to discuss this which, obviously, informs my approach to yoga, and to life:

Firstly, then, is the question of whether or not humanity is in a state of crisis.

In Enlightenment Now! (2018), Stephen Pinker would most likely argue that personalism advocates are ‘progress deniers’, and that the world in which we now live is quantifiably better in every measure than the world in which our ancestors, or even our grandparents, lived. James Hansen’s Storms of our Grandchildren (2009) invites us to ponder a more sobering view of ‘progress’ than the version offered by Mortensen….

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