First Video: Restraint Practice

I hope this helps some people. It’s based on surya namaskar and the five restraints, or yamas. I’ve included my own philosophy of non-dualism from an evolutionary biology/ scientific/empirical standpoint (as outlined in my book). I did this with the pandemic in mind.


This is a very challenging time for so many of us. I want us to see if we can act more kindly, more compassionately, not just to ourselves, but also to the more-than-human world, and in remembrance of all that is caused by our reactions, including all the suffering of so many other humans, and of other systems. India is in lockdown. There are millions of people at risk of starvation and disease, not to mention abuse. For a little while, the more-than-human-world is slightly less at risk from human activity, but we must see the connection between human suffering and the kinds of systems that we have allowed, in our reactivity, to develop by default. We can step back from these exploitative systems and create instead systems that allow love to do what needs to be done.


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