Year: 2020

This is a mathematical arrangement by Roger Penrose

ECOnnected Yoga: what is it?

During the course, we will consider free will, practice realisation and the attitude that emerges as a result of an attunement to cooperation, and compassion. Thus we practice Yoga not just on the mat but as The Way, in the Daoist sense, of doing and being what love does and is.

This is a mathematical arrangement by Roger Penrose

A review of The Common Good

Accept that we are neither devils nor gods. We are evolved beings, part of the struggle, and if we recognise our interdependency we just might contribute instead of collapsing.

This is a mathematical arrangement by Roger Penrose

A word about me

I'm a yoga teacher, a philosopher, and a writer. I struggle with lots of challenges, including an addicted brain, but I'm aware that connection is key!
This is a mathematical arrangement by Roger Penrose

Episode One

I recently began to practice lucid dreaming. I’d read about lucid dreaming, and I’d had some early half successes in my teens and early twenties, but something about the experiences scared me. It seemed too out of control to think of everything, I mean everything, as a dream. Did that mean I had control over everything? During one early (waking) meditation experience, I had an almost overwhelming sense that I was losing any choice over what I could or could not believe. Not quite a voice in my head, nevertheless something said, Submit! There is nothing but God! You must believe this or you will go mad!

Writing into the ether

I don’t know if anyone reads this. No matter. Keep going. This is a guide that outlines the practice of restraints as bandhas Sit in a cross legged position on a cushion on the floor. Get as comfortable as possible with the spine inviting itself to lengthen like a snake being charmed upwards by the […]

First Video: Restraint Practice

I hope this helps some people. It’s based on surya namaskar and the five restraints, or yamas. I’ve included my own philosophy of non-dualism from an evolutionary biology/ scientific/empirical standpoint (as outlined in my book). I did this with the pandemic in mind. This is a very challenging time for so many of us. […]