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I create a context for reorientating ourselves in the ecological emergency. Hello! I’m Lucy, and my work combines philosophy as a practice, creativity and writing, and yoga, as response to the ecological emergency. My PhD looked at how we realise, that is, become aware of, but also make real, the context. The context is the ecological emergency. I run classes and courses in practical philosophy and yoga for corporations, groups, and individuals. My writing includes fiction and non fiction.

We need to respond, not react.

To know yoga is to know that we are in the midst of a spiritual battle. Spirit is attitude. We are in a war of attitudes. We need to learn to sustain peace. Yoga is integrity. But integrity goes beyond how we act towards other humans. We need integrity in how we act towards other systems, rivers, oceans, the great earth. And we need integrity in how we act towards ourselves: forgiveness and kindness are not weak. We get strong by learning to love what is good for us. To connect.

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We need urgently to shift how we live, but we can only do this by shifting perspective. We can, and must, change how we view our agency. My classes provides the potential for enormous and cumulative effects. Yoga is stepping back, in the sense of being aware of the present moment, and seeing ourselves in action. Try this sun salutation version to experience this. Much of what I teach is couched in stories, because narratives, myths and metaphors are how we see the world.



My Journals

Here you can find a collection of my writing, some relating to current events, some personal, some relating to yoga, all philosophical in some sense. Please open a conversation in the comments section. Let's connect!