What is Know Yoga Ireland?

To know yoga is to know that attitude matters. When you change your attitude, your practice, your way of being, changes. I teach an integrated philosophy as a practice that changes not only the individual and their human relationships, but also their relationship to the more-than-human world.
To learn is to grow

Online or through workshops, learn about the meaning of non-dualism, the real nature of free will, and how an understanding of these allows you to attune to compassion. This changes both how you practice your yoga, and how you live your life. You become interconnected. You allow love to do what needs to be done. You focus on being the solution rather than the problem. You do good. You live well.

My offerings

I run yoga classes and courses. I also write fiction and non-fiction.

Get into the swing of things by attuning to the more-than-human world, our real teacher

For more on my philosophy, my PhD, and other information on what I mean by realisation as agency and compassion in the ecological emergency, please visit my blog.

What I’ve done

I’ve done a variety of things, including having been a volunteer in a number of countries in the global south, studying forced migration at Oxford University, and working in a therapeutic community (as well as other things about which I might write later). I started yoga teaching in 2002 after a two year training. For more about me, please click below.

Yoga with your morning coffee


Five week course

Yoga for the evening stretch


Three week course

In for the long haul: how to shift the whole shebang through letting Love do what needs to be done


Twelve week course


Change the practice, practice the change. Yoga teacher since 2002, Lucy has a PhD in Philosophy and writes about compassionate attunement in the ecological emergency.

Do you have questions about how my approach might change your practice or about the courses I offer?

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